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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Welcome to Lasting Change Wellness! I am Lauren Weinberg, a Nationally Board-Certified Integrative Health Coach trained by Duke University's Department of Integrative Medicine.  Originally a counseling psychologist, for which I studied at the University of Pennsylvania, I am following my passion to help people become their happiest and healthiest selves by looking forward to how they want to live their lives and to support the behavior changes they will make to get there.

With a whole-person approach to wellness, I believe that a healthy life is multi-dimensional and ever-evolving. Kindness toward ourselves and others, deep satisfaction with work and relationships, caretaking of our bodies and minds, and a sense of connection outside of ourselves can all be a part of helping us achieve well-being and happiness. Whatever your focus, I will help with an open heart, a playful spirit, and deep compassion for your personal journey.

As a working woman, a wife of a busy professional, a mom of two "almost grown" young adults,  and a chronic community volunteer, I know what it takes to fit wellness into a hectic schedule.  To be perfectly honest... learning to prioritize my own health and wellness was a journey that took years!  When I was finding my way I had never heard of "health coaching!" So take comfort in knowing that I understand the challenges in making life changes even when we know it is truly important to do so. I will walk with you every step of the way. 




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