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The 3 Step Solution to Lasting Weight Loss

By far, weight loss, in the form of diet and/or exercise, is the most popular New Year's resolution. As a health and wellness coach I am thrilled that people want to be healthier, and, ‘TBH’... we all want to look better. For me, however, the most compelling reason to make this resolution is because of how you will ultimately feel. Physically, you have more energy, you feel lighter and quicker, and you become stronger. The most powerful benefit, however, may be what it does for your self confidence and self-esteem. You feel beautiful from the inside out.

I know... you've made the resolution to lose the weight every year and you are frustrated that you have to keep starting from scratch! You might even feel that you've tried every diet, every pill, everything! But did you know that the secret to losing the weight for good is to not focus on the weight loss. Whoa! Mind Blown! The secret is learning to love the healthy habits that have weight loss as the side effect: moving your body and eating healthy food. The trick is in figuring out how to incorporate these elements into your life in a way that will stick for you.

There are 3 steps to creating habits that last:

1) Your Attitude: This includes honing an iron clad vision of what your life will look like with these new habits in place, what will be improved for you, and what is important to you about that. Combine that vision with the complete dedication to believing that you are worth the effort and deserve to focus this time and attention on yourself. It also helps to keep your eye on what you can have (delicious healthy food) versus what you can't have (typical restrictive dieting). Develop a kick-butt, can-do attitude and you are more than half way there!

2) Your Fortitude: This includes your focus and willingness to keep trying. Focus your energy on what will work for you. What are your inherent strengths that can be applied in this situation, and what have you learned from past attempts at change? How can you capitalize on that knowledge to make a plan that you can stick with? Keep in mind – you either WIN or LEARN, there is NO LOSE! If obstacles are getting in the way be willing to try a different plan. Almost no one figures out how to make a habit stick on the first try.

3) No Latitude: This includes creating attainable goals and an accountability system that acts as a safety harness and won’t let you slide. Only you can figure out whether you can hold yourself accountable or need to have an external accountability partner (like a spouse, workout partner, or a health coach). But be aware… this is the most important step, and the one most people skip! The key is to start with small wins, create accountability, and build slowly from there.

Lasting change is possible. Figure out where you are headed and then start with the first small step. Keep going! Work out how to get around the bumps in the road. If you need a hand… I can be there with you every step of the way.




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