Healthier, Happier Clients

This could be YOU!

As a health coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

Janice M.

After a foot injury prevented me from taking the long walks that were my main form of exercise, i knew i should do something else but i didn't. General inertia and procrastination had me stuck. I was excited to hear about wellness coaching because i knew i needed help.

Lauren skillfully guided me through the process and helped me identify areas that could be improved. She assisted me in clarifying the importance of these goals and seeing the advantages of attaining them. Having to 'report' to Lauren on my progress made me more willing to do the work; I felt like I had a partner and I didn't want to let my partner or myself down.

Lauren was supporting me every step of the way and this support was a key success factor. I feel that her help and guidance allowed me to identify what I needed to do and gave me the motivation to accomplish my goals. She is a skilled professional and i feel fortunate to have had her as my coach.

Cass O.

I began my formal coaching sessions with Lauren just 4 months ago, but I feel like she has know me for  years.

Because I considered myself pretty self aware and well read about health and exercise, I was pleasantly surprised at how impactful these sessions were.  Lauren's technique of listening and asking me the right questions helped me see my blind spots, and got to the core of my habitual thinking and roadblocks.  She gave me many practical suggestions that helped me push through some bad habits that slowly crept into my life, holding me back.   I looked forward to my sessions, and always left feeling more motivated and positive. 

I recommend this kind of coaching to anyone looking to improve in all or any of the health dimensions, and I recommend Lauren in a heartbeat.  

Justin T.

Lauren embraces the moment. As a client, I never felt like I was being forced into a certain topic or process. She is easy to connect with as a Coach and has a natural gift of going with the client flow while helping them discover their next meaningful step. Her warm coaching style is filled with colorful metaphors and impactful questions which helped me uncover several new revelations in my health and wellness journey.

Rahel G.

Lauren, Thank you for your great help.  Before I met you, I never heard of Health Coaching. So I was expecting you to train me with some sort of methods to help me reconnect with myself, to manage stress and be well over all. You just let me figure it out by myself with very simple questions and suggestions. You taught me to look inward to find answers for my confusions. Thank you for walking with me and helping me reconnect with myself.  I am getting better and better every day. I am grateful to know you.